Challenge #2

You’re South, not vulnerable. West (dealer) passes and your partner opens 1D. East passes. What do you bid? Please respond in comments section below.

Challenge #1

North is dealer and passes. East opens 1D. What do you bid? I really don’t know. Please respond in comments section below.

Here’s what my Bot and I did. My partner passed and East bid 1D.

Options 1: Double and then plan to bid 2NT at the next opportunity showing a stopper in diamonds and 17+ points. But I don’t like my clubs for NT and a double implies I have a minimum of 3 cards in all the unbid suits. Same problem if I overcall 1NT showing 15-17 points.

Option 2: Overcall 1S even though I only have 4 spades. Audrey Grants says that “we might occasionally overcall at the one level with a strong four-card suit.” Unfortunately, I read this after the hand and chose 1S thinking I could rebid the hearts on the next round.

My partner, thinking I had 4 spades bid 2S. Sorry, I can’t remember what we made but I did go for the cross-ruffing since I had so many losers in clubs. I loose a club, diamond and spade for sure.

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