Club Calendar

Due to the Corona Virus the club is temporarily closed and club calendar suspended. However, you can still play duplicate online through Bridge 21. Click here for schedule.

The cost of “online” games is $4.

Game/Event Definitions

EventsMasterpoint RatingFrequency Allowed
Club Championship63.6% sectional-rated black pointsOne per quarter.
Upgraded Club Championship81.8% sectional-rated black pointsOne for each 10 new ACBL members recruited.
Junior Fund63.6% sectional-rated black pointsJanuary
Charity Games63.6% sectional-rated black pointsApril
Grass Roots FUNd63.6% sectional-rated black pointsMay
North American Pairs50/50 red/black 81.8%Two per month during June, July and August.
Canadian Open Pairs 81.8% sectional-rated red pointsCanadian Bridge Federation determines.
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