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Bridge-21 Schedule

BrockvilleMonday10:00Open only
ArnpriorTuesday2:55Open and I/N
RenfrewWednesday 2:55Open and I/N*
RenfrewThursday12:30Open and I/N*
ArnpriorFriday12:30Open and I/N
ArnpriorSaturday 10:00Open
* These two I/N games are limited to players with less than 250 points.

A group of Ottawa and Valley clubs has joined together to form Bridge 21. As a result, one can play online duplicate bridge almost every day of the week.

The cost to play any of these games is $4 US. Half of the profits for the Wednesday and Thursday games go to the Renfrew Club.

Games consist of 18 boards and last less than two hours to play. You need to become a member of BBO (Bridge Base Online), which you can do here: http://www.bridgebase.com. It is free to sign up. You will be asked for some information like ACBL number, but you do not need one to join. You will need to create a User Name and Password.

To play in Bridge 21 games you will need to purchase some BBO dollars. You can do that with a credit card or by PayPal through BB$.

Once you are registered … this is what you need to do to play any Bridge 21 game (including the Renfrew Thursday co-hosted game):

  1. Log in to BBO reasonably well in advance of the game start time in which you wish to play.
  2. This will take you to a window with 2 main sections: PLAY OR WATCH BRIDGE and FEATURED AREAS.
  3. In the FEATURED AREAS, click on Virtual Clubs and then ACBL – North America.
  4. This takes you to a list of “Virtual Clubs” who have games scheduled.
  5. Search for the “Bridge21” game that you want to play. (Note that the games are only listed two hours before the scheduled start time.)
  6. Click on the game you want and go through the registration process involving selection of your partner and session payment. NOTE:  Your partner must be online in BBO for the session registration to be completed.
  7. Once registered, nothing will happen until the game is ready to start. (You will likely see a count down to game time.)
  8. When all is ready, the first hand will appear, and away you go.
  9. Results will appear shortly after the last board is played. ACBL Live will also send results to those already registered by email.

Best wishes for lots of bridge fun with this new opportunity!

Call or email if you have any questions or need any assistance. 

David and Carol

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