RealBridge is a great online experience. With integrated video and sound it’s almost like face-to-face bridge. Here’s a chance to “see” and “talk to” your friends. 

Oct. 29

Oct. 14

Oct. 1

Sessions are hosted by Jane Wilson each Friday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at NO cost to you. Each week a new link will be sent out to the Renfrew membership to join the game. All you need is a partner, no pre-registration.

There will be a different link each week.  

To test your video and audio on your device:

  1. Google “Real bridge test camera”.  Go to the site which pops up and reads “Camera test – RealBridge.”
  2. You will see a heading “Camera Test.”  Hit Start test. A box may pop up which says that the program would like to access the microphone and camera.  Press “Allow.”
  3. You should see your face appear.
  4. Scroll down to the Heading “Microphone Test.”   Talk aloud and you should see a green horizontal bar moving.   Press End Test.

If you are having trouble, please email Jane ( with your phone number. 

To play RealBridge:

  1. Press the link you receive each week 15 minutes before start time.  
  2. You will arrive at a Realbridge login page. 
    You may be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone.  Press “allow.”
  3. Type in your real name, not your BBO username.
  4. Press login.   You don’t need an ID number.
    You will arrive in the Lobby.
  5. To your left, you will see Tables.  Click on a seat at a table. 
    If your partner is already at a table, please click on the seat opposite him/her.
    You should see and hear everyone at your table.  Do not worry if you don’t. Jane will get to each table eventually to help.
  6. Sit near your router, especially if you are in a rural area.  Use a stylus if you think you need to do so.  
  7. Jane will deliver the boards to your table.  Play as you normally would.  When you’re done the boards please stay at the table.  She will switch everyone at the appropriate time.

You can phone Jane if you have problems getting on at 613 432 2493.  Once you are on and at a table, she can help you on the site itself.

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